iColumbarium Joins the EternityGardens.com Platform

iColumbarium Joins EternityGardens.com Platform
iColumbarium connects with cremation families on EternityGardens.com


iColumbarium, an innovative columbarium service, has joined the EternityGardens.com platform.

iColumbarium allows families to permanently store the cremated remains of their loved one a contemporary setting at an affordable price.  iColumbarium’s one-step purchase allows families to choose an urn and a niche placement.  Make your purchase online, mail the cremated remains to iColumbarium, and use the iColumbarium.net web portal to view the urn, offer condolences, and lay virtual flowers at the urn of your loved one.    Families of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome; additionally, iColumbarium has urn and niche placement choices specifically for families from Christian and Buddhist religious traditions. 

Igors Mutjanko, chief executive officer/co-founder of iColumbarium said: “iColumbarium offers families an affordable and technologically-innovative solution for the permanent placement of cremated remains.  Families can rest assured that their loved ones are safely and securely located in a permanent resting place and can visit the resting place anytime via our on-line portal at www.iColumbarium.net.  We are pleased to partner with another innovative platform – EternityGardens.com – and work together using technology to reach cremation families.”

EternityGardens.com is an online platform that connects cremation families with locations and service providers that can lay to rest human and pet cremated remains.  Whether families are making arrangements in advance; making arrangements for an impending cremation; or searching for options for cremated remains they currently possess, EternityGardens.com offers the widest set of choices online to find an interment option that best reflects the life of your loved one.

“Cremation families want options,” said Darrell Hill, founder+CEO of EternityGardens.com.  “iColumbarium is a truly unique and affordable way for families anywhere in the US to have a safe, secure, and permanent resting place for the cremated remains of their loved one.  With the addition of iColumbarium to our platform, we continue to serve cremation families with more unique, more meaningful, and more affordable options to consider as they lay their loved ones to rest.”

Visit http://www.eternitygardens.com/search/icolumbarium to view a video, learn more, and connect with iColumbarium.



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