Woodlawn Cemetery Joins EternityGardens.com

CHICAGO, Illinois – Woodlawn Cemetery, located in Syracuse, New York, has joined the EternityGardens.com platform to connect with cremation families.

Woodlawn Cemetery Joins EternityGardens.com
Entrance to Woodlawn Cemetery in Syracuse, New York


Woodlawn Cemetery, established in 1881, offers families a wide selection of traditional as well as highly-personalized memorialization options for cremated remains.  In-ground burial, above-ground entombment, glass- and marble-front niches, and the Green Garden (an outdoor cremation garden) offers families of all faiths the opportunity to create a meaningful memorial for loved ones. 

In addition, Woodlawn Cemetery has recently completed and opened the Cremation Center at Woodlawn, a 7,300-square foot facility that offer families on-site cremation as well as memorialization.

Cremation Center at Woodlawn Cemetery
The Cremation Center at Woodlawn Cemetery in Syracuse, New York


“Woodlawn Cemetery is a leader in meeting the needs of cremation families,” said Steven G. Sloane, Superintendent at Woodlawn Cemetery.  “Our investment in the new Cremation Center at Woodlawn offers Central New York families the peace-of-mind and confidence that the remains of their loved one never leave our care.  EternityGardens.com allows us to share the story of our incredible cemetery and our Cremation Center with cremation families in Central New York and beyond.”

EternityGardens.com is an online platform that connects cremation families with cemeteries where they can lay to rest human and pet cremated remains.  Whether families are making arrangements in advance, making arrangements for an impending cremation, or searching for options for cremated remains they currently possess, EternityGardens.com offers the widest selection of online choices to search for, learn about, and connect with a cemetery that reflects the life of your loved one.

“EternityGardens.com is pleased and excited to work with Woodlawn Cemetery in service of cremation families,” said Darrell W. Hill, Founder+CEO of EternityGardens.com.  “The Cremation Center at Woodlawn – with on-site cremation, a chapel for memorial services, as well as permanent memorialization options – is a game-changer for Onondaga County and Central New York families.  Woodlawn is responding to the rising cremation trend and EternityGardens.com looks forward to informing and connecting cremation families with this leading cemetery.”

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