CEO Joins Green Burial Council Board

#EternityGardens CEO Darrell Hill Joins Green Burial Council Board
Darrell Hill, Founder+CEO of, was elected to the Board of the Green Burial Council


Placerville, California – The Green Burial Council (GBC) welcomes twelve new board members into the organization.  The new members will join existing members on the two boards that comprise the GBC. 

GBC consists of two distinct non-profit entities.  Both organizations work together to further the movement toward more sustainable burial practices and support those who are actively engaged in green burial activities.  The 501(c)6 certification and provider support organization oversees the certification of cemeteries, funeral directors, and product providers conducted by independent third-party experts.  The 501(c)3 educational and outreach organization develops materials and opportunities for providers and the public to learn about natural burial. 

Lee Webster, current GBC board member who led the nominations process, commented: “The GBC is excited to welcome new members. As growth in natural burial practices continues to rise, the GBC is poised to continue its tradition of being at the forefront of the sustainability movement. A nationwide search has yielded an outstanding group of new board members, each of whom brings not only a passion for the environment and natural burial, but also practical skills, knowledge, and expertise that will be put to work for the benefit of the GBC, for our growing provider partners, and for consumers.”

Below is the current composition of the boards of the Green Burial Council.

501(c)6 Certification Board Members

Shawn LaValleur Adame, Funeral Director, California, New Member

Brad Angell, Ph.D., Architect, California, New Member

Ed Bixby, Entrepreneur, New Jersey, Current Member

Darren Couch, Importer, New Mexico, Current Member

Candace Currie, Cemeterian, Massachusetts, Current Member

Dyanne Matzkevich, Cemeterian, North Carolina, Current Member

Doug Renfield-Miller, Non-profit Founder, Connecticut, New Member

501(c)3 Education & Outreach Board Members

Jane A. Black, Artist/Writer, Ohio, New Member

David Carter, PhD, Professor of Forensic Sciences, Hawaii, New Member

Holly Chan, Graphic Designer, California, New Member

Sabrina Dorfman, Marketing Leader, California, New Member

Darrell Hill, Entrepreneur, Illinois, New Member

Adriane Jach, Graphic Designer/Horticulturist, California, New Member

Roxanne Walsh, Researcher/Activist, Alberta, Canada, New Member

Lee Webster, Writer/Non-profit Leader, New Hampshire, Current Member

Kat Weir, Funeral Director/Non-profit Leader, Missouri, New Member

Anne Weston, Non-profit Founder, North Carolina, New Member


Darrell Hill, Founder+CEO of and new GBC board member, said, “The growth of consumer preference for natural burial is undeniable.  At a time when death rates are rising in the US, to serve as a board member on the Green Burial Council is a singular and unique opportunity to engage death care providers as well as consumers about the benefits of natural burial and its sustaining impact on our environment.”

Darrell Hill, Founder+CEO of #EternityGardens
Darrell Hill, Founder+CEO of


“The Green Burial Council has an ambitious agenda for 2019 and beyond,” said Webster.  “Our newly constituted boards will quickly get to work certifying new providers, educating consumers, and driving growth for the natural burial movement.”

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