EternityGardens Offers Four New Green Burial Options for Cremation Families

CHICAGO, Illinois – expands its technology platform to Oregon and deepens its presence in California and in New Jersey.

Four Green Burial Council-certified cemeteries have joined the platform.  Historic Columbian Cemetery, located in Portland, Oregon, is a Green Burial Council Certified Hybrid Cemetery.  New Jersey’s Steelmantown Cemetery is a Green Burial Council Certified Natural Burial Ground.  Westwood Hills Memorial Park and Purissima Natural Burial Ground, both located in California, are also Green Burial Council Certified Burial Grounds. 

Historic Columbian Cemetery Entry #EternityGardens
Historic Columbian Cemetery in Portland, Oregon.


As cremation rates continue to rise in the US, driven in part by environmental concerns, US consumers are searching for environmentally-sustainable ways to lay to rest cremated remains.

Edward Bixby, II, owner of the cemeteries, said, “Our cemeteries are committed to providing a peaceful, beautiful, and eco-friendly resting place for all families who share a concern for the environment.  Our presence on allows us to expand our online marketing presence and reach more cremation families in search of green burial options.”

Purissima Natural Burial Ground #EternityGardens
Purissima Natural Burial Ground overlooking the Pacific Ocean in San Mateo County, California. is an online platform that connects cremation families with cemeteries, burial grounds, and memorial parks where they can lay to rest human and pet cremated remains.  Whether families are making arrangements in advance, making arrangements for an impending cremation, or searching for options for cremated remains they currently possess, offers the widest set of online choices to search for, learn about, and connect with a cemetery that reflects the life of your loved one.

“Cremation and natural burial are two of the fastest-growing, end-of-life trends in the US.  We are excited to help educate families about cremation as well as about natural burial practices – our goal is always to inform and educate consumers about the myriad choices available to them.  Our new presence in Oregon as well as additional locations in California and in New Jersey allow us to reach and serve more families in search of meaningful and natural burial options.”

Steelmantown Cemetery Natural Burial Ground
Steelmantown Natural Burial Ground, founded circa 1700, in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. 


Explore the listing pages, complete with videos, images, and descriptions, here:  Historic Columbian CemeteryPurissima Natural Burial GroundSteelmantown Cemetery, and Westwood Hills Memorial Park.

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